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I'm just your regular undercover cat lady with a deep DEEP love for all things design related, farmer's markets, anything that involves running, kicking a ball, or pedaling real fast, organizing, European adventures with my best friend, cooking, eating (especially chocolate peanut butter ice cream) and being a vegetarian! Saving the world one meal at a time :)

Here you will find a mash up of my favorite things: interiors, architecture, graphic design, photography, nature, art, fashion, food, food, food, bold geometric patterns, natural textures, and maybe a kitty or two (or three).

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email. I always link images back to their source, but if you'd like me to take down an image of yours just let me know!

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I need that pendant badly!

(via ediedigs)

Via here.

Love love loveity love!

(via optichaus)

The wisps of hair and lighting are really pretty. Via here.

LOVE the patterning of the brick and all the Nelson pendants, so fun! The Saarinen executive chairs are usually one of my favs, but not liking them much in this setting.

Fly Lamp by Front

Multi-use space (bedroom and office) with great wall details. Via here.

Just gorgeous. Via Pinterest.

Bar design via here - link doesn’t say who designed it. Blah.

New work by Lindsey Adelman. Love her!

Light bulb puddles :)

By Felix Gonzalez-Torres, via here.

I love love LOVE this light fixture. It’s industrial but light and feminine at the same time. Via here.

(via bruised-apple-deactivated201206)

Bet you can guess that I’m working on pulling together all of my furniture and lighting right now… ha. PALUS 2 by Horst Lettenmayer.

MmmMm what a sexy sconce! CuldeSac Loop Wall Light - via here.

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