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I'm just your regular undercover cat lady with a deep DEEP love for all things design related, farmer's markets, anything that involves running, kicking a ball, or pedaling real fast, organizing, European adventures with my best friend, cooking, eating (especially chocolate peanut butter ice cream) and being a vegetarian! Saving the world one meal at a time :)

Here you will find a mash up of my favorite things: interiors, architecture, graphic design, photography, nature, art, fashion, food, food, food, bold geometric patterns, natural textures, and maybe a kitty or two (or three).

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email. I always link images back to their source, but if you'd like me to take down an image of yours just let me know!

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Open kitchen shelving with a wallpaper backdrop. Exactly how I’d do it!

I love this kitchen too! Awesome contrast and texture. Loving the loose lighting wrapped around the pole.

I’m not usually drawn to rooms that are white white white but this one is done right! So calming with just enough punch of color to make it interesting.

You know, I never would have thought to mix different cabinet treatments but it totally works here!

The waspy curtains, wood, concrete, and the texture of the sofa look great together. Click through to the website to see the picture much bigger.

Open shelving in the kitchen is one of my favorite looks. Would be a pain to keep clean (damn dust bunnies!) but would be a practical art display.

The two little frames above the shelf really make this for me.

(via 1924us)

The kitchen island is a bit weird, I’d feel like I was cooking inside of a cage, but the wall and ceiling details are lovely and the graining of the wood floors is nice too. Would be much better in a space with more personality and color.

muted green, french white, black, purpleish gray… soft and beautiful.

(via ediedigs)

I need that pendant badly!

(via ediedigs)

Cool idea, although I’d much prefer it in a kitchen. Via here.

All I’ve had on my mind lately is food and beautifully designed kitchens. My dream kitchen would definitely have butcher block countertops like this! Via here.

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