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I'm just your regular undercover cat lady with a deep DEEP love for all things design related, farmer's markets, anything that involves running, kicking a ball, or pedaling real fast, organizing, European adventures with my best friend, cooking, eating (especially chocolate peanut butter ice cream) and being a vegetarian! Saving the world one meal at a time :)

Here you will find a mash up of my favorite things: interiors, architecture, graphic design, photography, nature, art, fashion, food, food, food, bold geometric patterns, natural textures, and maybe a kitty or two (or three).

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email. I always link images back to their source, but if you'd like me to take down an image of yours just let me know!

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Sprout Robot! What a GREAT idea. You put in your zip code and it tells you what you should be planting that week and gives you instructions on how to do so - for BOTH patio gardens (hell yeah gardens in the city!) and lawn gardens. I wonder what my landlord would think about window gardens full of basil… mmMm basil.


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    Utterly brilliant website, you can even sign up for extra help such as emails sent to you about when to harvest etc.
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    Neat little site! I’ll definitely be checking dates from them as compared to the books I have coming in. Being *super*...
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    goal for the next apartment- have a fucking patio so i can have a patio garden.
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    this fucking rules.
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    This. Is really cool. Great instructional comics for how to plant stuff. Really really like this.
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